Access to Oshu

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There are many ways to get to Oshu City or Ichinoseki, but one common way is traveling from Narita Airport or Haneda Airport to a station with bullet trains, like Tokyo or Ueno, then taking a bullet train up to Ichinoseki station or Mizusawa-Esashi Station (Oshu City).

Access to Ichinoseki/Oshu From Tokyo

access to Ichinoseki/Oshu from Tokyo
Tokyo station from Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport When using Shinkansen bullet train (Shortest possible time)

Riding the bullet train: You can buy reserved seat tickets or non-reserved seat tickets. Reserved seat tickets will have your car number and seat number written on them. If you decide to buy a non-reserved seat ticket, be sure to get on a train with non-reserved seating, as some trains are reserved seating only.

There are two main stations for Oshu City: Mizusawa-Esashi station (bullet trains), and Mizusawa station (local trains). Despite having really similar names, these stations are about 10 minutes away from each other by car.
When you take the bullet train, you will need to get off at Mizusawa-Esashi station. There is a bus line from the station and taxi service. You can also get information at the Oshu Tourist Information Center inside Mizusawa-Esashi station.

Information about Mizusawa-Esashi station, including pictures of the bus stop, taxi boarding locations, and Oshu Tourist Information Center. Zoom out on the map to see the station`s relative distance from where you want to go.