About Oshu City

About Oshu City

Oshu City is located in the southern inland part of Iwate Prefecture, with Kitakami, Nishiwaga, Kanegasaki and Hanamaki City to the north, Tono and Sumita City to the east, and Akita Prefecture to the west.
The city covers a wide area of 993.30 square kilometers which extends about 57 kilometers to the east and west and about 37 kilometers to the north and south.

Oshu area

Oshu City was actually formed in February 20th, 2006 as a merger between two cities, two towns, and one village: the cities of Esashi and Mizusawa, the towns Isawa and Maesawa, and the village Koromogawa. Now these five areas make up the five wards.
The Kitakami river runs through the central part of town, and the west side of Kitakami river forms Isawa Alluvial Fan due to the Isawa river. The whole area gives off a "mountain living" atmosphere surrounded by greenery and water.

About Oshu City About Oshu City About Oshu City

The Yakeishi Mountain Range in the western part of Oshu-the highest peak of which is Yakeish-dake Mountain at 1,548 meters-boast plenty of untouched primeval beech forest.
The percentage of agricultural land use is high: 17.4% of the total area is rice fields, 4.6% fruit or vegetable fields, 3.8% residential. Oshu is a outstanding agricultural area in the prefecture because of its complex agriculture centered on rice farming. Because of the area`s accessibility, Oshu continues to develop a leading commercial cluster equipped with an industrial park, and develop key industries as well as traditional industries.

(Enacted on February 20, 2007)
City Flower City Bird City Tree
"Sakura" Cherry Blossom Pheasant Maple
About Oshu City About Oshu City About Oshu City

Oshu has three sister cities: Greater Shepparton in Victoria, Australia, Reutte in Tyrol, Austria, and Breitenwang also in Tyrol, Austria.

East and West about 57 km
South and North about 37 km
City 993.30 km2
Land Makeup
1 January 31, 2015(km2・%)
Land Category Area Ratio
Rice Paddy 172.87 17.4
Fruit or Vegetable Field 45.21 4.6
Residential 37.57 3.8
Ponds and Swamps 1.03 0.1
Forest 172.42 17.3
Wilderness 61.35 6.2
Miscellaneous Land 13.79 1.4
Other 489.12 49.2
Total 993.30 100.0
Documents: Finance Department Tax Division