Population (Updated yearly on October 1)

Population (National Census 2010)

Oshu City has a population of 124,746 people, which is 9.37% of Iwate Prefecture`s total population. It is the third most populated city, behind Morioka as the largest city and Ichinoseki as the second largest.

The total fertility rate is 1.66 (5 year average as of 2010), which is well above Iwate Prefecture`s average of 1.50.

There are 41,308 households, and while that number is increasing, the trend toward nuclear families continues as the number of people per household is at 2.96 and decreasing.

population ratio, aged 65+ Oshu

Foreign Resident Population

As of 2012, there were 459 foreign residents in Oshu City: 125 men and 334 women.
Of those 459 residents, 217 are from China, 83 are from Korea, 86 are from the Philippines, 9 are from the United States, and 84 are of other nationalities.