Births, Marriage, Divorce, and Death Notifications


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There is a set timeframe in which to submit these official notifications, so please do so before the deadline. You don’t need to attach a koseki certificate to your notification. When you notify, you will need to show some form of official photo ID (driver’s license, My Number card, etc.) to confirm your identity. Inquire about notifications at Main City Hall or a branch office.



What to bring

Other notes


Official ID, etc.

Two adult witnesses’ signatures are required.

The notifiers’ signatures are also required.

(Caution) Other documents are required for
international marriages. Please inquire
with the relevant embassy/consulate.

Notification of birth

Birth certificate

Mother (Parent)-
Child Health

Please notify within 14 days of the birth.

You can only use joyo (common-use) kanji, jinmeiyo (name-use) kanji, katakana, or hiragana for the name of your child.

You’ll need to do procedures at your local city
hall for a medical care recipient certificate,
child support allowance, and similar.

(Caution) Procedures may be required at your
local immigration bureau and the embassy/
consulate. Please check the details at the
relevant offices.

Notification of death

The notifier’s
personal seal

Death certificate

(if there is an

Please submit this notification within 7 days of when you learned of the death.

You will not be able to have a burial or
cremation until 24 hours after death.

You'll need to do procedures for national
pension and national health insurance at the
deceased's local city hall.

(Caution) Depending on the deceased's country of citizenship, it may be necessary to notify the
consulate/embassy and local Japanese police
as well.


Official ID, etc.

In the case of a court divorce, the plaintiff
must submit documents within 10 days from
the date specified.

Divorces by agreement require two adult
witnesses’ signatures.

A custodial parent must be specified if there
are minor children.

A separate form is required if someone wishes to keep using their married surname.

(Caution) International divorce procedures vary considerably by country. Consult a lawyer to
confirm what must be done.


Notifications after Hours (Nighttime and Holidays)

After closing, the night-duty person or day-duty person can take care of marriage notifications and similar at Main City Hall and the branch offices; see below.
The documents will be passed on to the relevant department to be dealt with the next working day. You may need to be contacted, so please be sure to write down your contact details where you can be reached during the day (your phone number)

  • Nighttime (5:15PM – 8:30AM the next morning)
    The night-duty person takes care of the notification (excluding death notifications), and passes it onto the relevant office on the next working day.
    Managing office: Main City Hall or Esashi Gen, Branch Center, Night Duty Room
  • Holidays etc. (8:30AM – 5:15PM)
    The day-duty person takes care of the notification, and passes it onto the relevant office on the next working day.
    Managing office: Main City Hall or the night duty room of a general branch office


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