Receiving Medical Care(医療について)


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If this is an emergency, please dial 119 for medical care and an ambulance. 119 within Oshu City now has a phone translation service. You can use English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese or Spanish to call 119 and explain your problem. Please don't hesitate to call.

Please see this page for hospital locations and contact information for the Oshu area:

Many places to get treatment will be closed on Sundays and national holidays. See this month's edition of the Oshu Multilingual Newsletter for a list of doctors and dentists in charge during holidays.

You can also see this Oshu city page(see below 休日・夜間診療所、日曜歯科当番医)with doctors and dentists in charge during holidays. It's in Japanese only, but you can click the bright orange button on the upper right side of this page labeled 音声読み上げ to automatically read the contents of the page out loud.

Use the Oshu Kanegasaki Clinic in Mizusawa during holidays (8時30分 AM - 4時00分 Pm Sundays and holidays, reception starts at 8時00分 AM).The clinic is located in Taga 21-1 Mizusawa

See this Iwate prefecture page for links to finding English-speaking doctors and dentists within Iwate, and some phone numbers for medical interpretation:

The local Oshu International Relations Association has also set up a medical interpreter volunteer system.


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