Chojagahara Haiji Ato(Nominated site for world heritage)


ページID : 3299

 Chojagahara Haiji Ato is the site of a temple built about 1000 years ago(towards the end of the end of the Heian era). Traces of roofed earthen walls about 100 metres long, enclose a square where foundation stones of three buildings have been found. The site of the five-bay sized hondo Ato (main hall) is situated slightly to the north of the centre. The Nishi tatemono Ato (West Building Remains)can be seen to the west of the Hondo. It is thought to have been three bays square.The foundations of both the Hondo and the Nishi Tatemono have been preserved in good condition. There are remainds of a south gate measuring three bays by two almost in the centre of the southern wall. The temple is thought to have been commissioned by the Abe family, the ancestors of the Oshu fujiwara family. Evidence for this is found in the age of the temple, the precise arrangement of the temple complex, and the roofed earthen walls. The Chojyagahara Haiji Ato site shows that Buddhist culture flourished in Koromogawa before the first Fujiwara lord Kiyohira built Chusonji. It is an important source of information for the early development of Hiraizumi’s culture.



歴史遺産課 世界遺産登録推進室